About Our Company

We believe that everything your employees do and the success you want to achieve as a business is influenced by your corporate culture. Decisions that impact your employees, from compensation plans and benefit design to recruiting tools and retention strategies, are most effective when they are made in alignment with the culture you wish to sustain. How well you meet your goals, achieve the results you desire, and differentiate yourself from your competition is directly tied to the culture your foster.

CultureForward HR Consulting is a boutique consulting firm offering clients solutions to their human resources and strategic business needs. We work with you to establish and align the HR strategies needed to support your business plan.

At CultureForward HR Consulting we provide customized HR analysis, solutions, and strategy.

Our services include:

  • HR Strategy & Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement
  • People Readiness and Retention

Our value proposition is quite simple: We help you optimize your future performance by making an investment in your culture now. Our outcomes-based work style is built on the principles of human-centered design – inspiration, ideation, implementation.

Our purpose is to help our clients maximize the results they want through effective human capital strategies grounded by a healthy corporate culture.

Our service model is flexible and responsive to the unique relationship needs for clients of all sizes and across all industries. CultureForward HR Consulting can deliver Human Resources support to an organization through project-specific work, as well as consistent subject matter expertise in an on-going advisory capacity.



“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.”
- David Cummings, Co-Founder, Pardot



“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
- Simon Sinek

About Sandra Lueders

Sandra Lueders is the Founder and Principal Consultant for CultureForward HR Consulting specializing in human capital strategies most notably around corporate culture, organizational readiness, and progressive HR practices. With experience reaching across several industries, from mining, aerospace & defense, manufacturing, medical device/biotech and financial services, Sandra has helped businesses build and execute effective HR strategies in support of corporate business plans.

Sandra's expertise in shaping corporate cultures, building leadership models, and defining succession plans has meant increased efficiency, higher productivity, revenue growth, and lowered operating costs for her clients. Her experience building HR programs has enabled growing organizations of all sizes to fulfil their HR obligations and reduce their operational risk.

Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria, Canada. She is certified SHRM-SCP, SPHR, and CCE (Certified Chief Executive) and has extensive experience in all areas of HR including HR strategic planning, culture, compensation, benefits, performance management, employee engagement, leadership development, training, and HR compliance.